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Campus Security

Our continual study on active shooters and violence on campuses, brought to light trends in actual attacks and patterns of horrific violence towards innocent students, workers, civilians and first responders. Specific attacks towards schools and consequent law enforcement response have been studied at length. Our program presents sustainable and scalable solutions.

Active Shooter Response Capability

Active Shooter Response Capability

These incidents of violent behavior have been on a dramatic rise while the public continues to be duped by politicians and misdirecting dialog on potential solutions. Politically inspired rants on gun control simply does not mitigate criminals and terrorists. Only law abiding people follow rules and respect life. Law enforcement is grossly unprepared for the mitigation of this ever growing dilemma. They simply cannot be everywhere at all times and are themselves struggling with public relations issues. The dilemma we address is Public Safety vs Quality of Life.

Solution= Awareness, Preparedness and Professional Capability.

LGLS personnel train specifically for this assignment. They go through a 200 hour pre deployment training course that focusses on Campus Security Service Qualification to include an extremely demanding fire arms qualification course. Our mission specific training is a program that we have developed. It provides our operators with the capability to protect and serve the campus and its students.

As a state licensed and insured company, we take the opportunity and responsibility to protect life while ensuring quality of campus life to be in direct correlation to our continuing success. We are proud of our program and the opportunity to be of service to teachers and students.

Consulting- Campus Security Program (SOPs, EAPs and Protective Service)

Lion’s Gate LS, K-9 unit (Explosive Ordinance Detection)

Lion’s Gate LS, K-9 unit (Explosive Ordinance Detection)

Lion’s Gate LS, Inc. is proud to be of service in the protection of students and teachers. Our approach is truly unique and the program has rendered positive results that far exceeded the expectations of the school boards, parents and students. Our approach is so complete that our service allows our personnel to mesh with the fabric of the schools we serve. The key is not just in professionalism and capabilities. It comes from having a heart for service and that is impossible to fake or copy. The protective service isn’t just a contractual agreement, it is a reflection of caring for those we protect and the caring on behalf of the schools for their students. Some of our specialty programs include but are not limited to the following.

Special Training Programs and Services
LGLS consultants are experts in the subject matter of Campus Safety and Security. While we can certainly develop or strengthen existing security SOPs and EAPs, our capability to train schools administrators on the subjects is unmatched.

Special Event/Security Patrol

Special Event/Security Patrol

SOP development – A school’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for mitigating medical emergencies, low security concerns- high security threats on a day to day basis, needs to be well thought out and clear. Many schools do not have a standard for how to mitigate issues and administrators are often left to improvise thus limiting their effectiveness . We have the experience to assess, make recommendations or develop an SOP for your campus.

EAP development – An EAP is and Emergency Action Plan that allows for a strong preparedness level.  It allows for the mitigation of extenuating circumstances like Active Shooters, Fire, Earthquake and Civil Unrest. Our consultants have developed EAPs for schools and corporations alike.

Active Shooter Mitigation – This course is the result of a continuing study of the problem. Since the columbine massacre, we have lost over 1,000 students (K- College) and over 200 school administrators in the United States.  This course addresses the exposures and  tactics used by these criminals.  It teaches life protecting awareness, tactics & actions that teachers can rely on to save lives.

Bullying Awareness / Mitigation – Bullies are in many ways the potential criminals of tomorrow. Bullying evolves in its characteristics from physical to psychological as kids grow and become aware of consequences. The results are so harmful to the victims that they include eating disorder, self mutilation, social disassociation, violent response and even death. Our training program presents solutions through awareness of the issue and the presentation of a proposed administrative solution.

Uniformed/Armed Protective Services – All campus protective services are conducted in full uniform that complies with California B.S.I.S. requirements.

“One of Whittier Christian’s top priorities is that our students come to school in a safe and secure environment. To expand and improve our campus security practices, we have contracted with Lion’s Gate LS, Inc, a premiere private security service.”

Carl Martinez
Head of School
Whittier Christian High School

Lion’s Gate LS is not just the answer to the active shooter problem, their approach to security is unique and everybody loves them!  They are sharp, approachable and have really become a part of our campus culture.  I know that there was reservation, having guns on campus but their professionalism has really won over even the most skeptical.”

David O’Neil,  Parent

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