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Protecting Your Life, Assets and Reputation

Our mission at Lion’s Gate LS is to provide security advice and assurance through results oriented service to clients so that they understand and minimize their exposure. Our highly experienced teams of consultants provide support by evaluating threats to our clients interests, reviewing existing systems of security and developing new ones. Lion’s Gate LS is passionate in it’s commitment to develop unique and customized risk mitigation and business protection strategies. We are dedicated to the protection of our clients, their reputation and their assets.

Most companies lack the in-house capability to satisfy the multiple and diversified challenges they are faced with. Lion’s Gate LS fills this need, from developing security programs and assigning embedded consultants to providing entire security teams for functions, saving our clients the immense cost of employing and training an internal team. We also have the capability to serve as a company’s security department by establishing and managing corporate security functions.

Protecting your organization’s employees, work environment, business assets, and organization’s reputation, is an ongoing challenge. An organization’s ability to manage incidents and crisis gives it a competitive advantage over those companies that choose to not focus on security. Workplace Violence and Active Shooters are topics in the news on a weekly basis. Countless lives and business functionality has been lost due to workplace violence. It is multi-faceted and incredibly disruptive. Major institutions have been the butt of common jokes due to their inability to manage crisis. It is incredible that educational institutions, military installations, media centers, corporations and even police departments have been caught time and time again, unprepared and seemingly unable to mitigate active shooters and violence against them. These incidents reveal the cost of complacency in security awareness and actual preparedness. Lion’s Gate LS specializes in assisting organizations in many ways, especially in the face of these extreme, complex, and evolving threats. We consult and serve to protect organizations against :

  • Crime
  • Workplace Violence
  • Active Shooters
  • Civil Unrest
  • Natural Disasters & consequent exposure
  • Terrorism
  • Piracy

Our consultants have the real world expertise required to support/develop mitigation strategies that can in fact, effectively prepare/respond to a wide range of threats to your organization. The key is always Awareness, Preparedness and Professional Capability. It is our attention to detail in combination with heart for service that allows us to produce measurable results, that always exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on this. We are a niche company that demands excellence in our work. It is an ethos that runs through our company values.

Lion’s Gate LS consultants identify the potential threats and risks to an organization by conducting threat assessments (TA). We present sustainable and scalable solutions by producing threat management plans (TMP). We also have the expertise to develop an emergency action plan (EAP) designed to mitigate crisis in the event of natural disasters or civil unrest. We assist you by developing and implementing security systems and strategies tailored to your needs. Our service to you becomes in essence an active insurance policy against threats and exposures. If companies fail to prepare, they prepare to fail by default.  Our consultants can evaluate your current security protocol and advise on how to strengthen them in a way that does not infringe on your organization’s functionality. Through our consultation and protection services, we can support your business goals, its people and its integrity as a safe and prepared environment.

We serve to protect our client’s lives, their assets and their reputation.

For many of our clients the need for an exclusive estate security evaluation and a detailed estate hardening plan is a typical offering that we utilize exclusively with Lion’s Gate LS Security Consultants. The team at Lion’s Gate LS has always exceeded our expectations on every assignment. They are all humble professionals that we are proud to have serve our clients for many years to come.

Daniel G. Coelho
Managing Partner
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