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Shipboard Protection

shipboard-2Shipboard Security Operation is a capability our company possesses. We developed and completed a Beta security program with a foreign flagged merchant vessel with extremely positive and measurable results.   Lion’s Gate LS maritime security capabilities are designed to provide scalable and sustainable protective services and embedded consultants. Prior to entering high risk waters, our security team works with the master and prepares the crew on operational security planning designed to prevent the boarding of the ship. Our teams generally consist of eight operators. However, Lion’s Gate LS will work with the client to customize and provide the highest level of support as necessary. We are in essence an onboard insurance policy designed to protect lives, the merchant vessel and the merchant company’s reputation. The two main underway services proven to deter pirate’s ship boarding are designated as follows:

  • LG Mar1 – Team is armed and will employ appropriate non-lethal and lethal tactics in direct response to the level of violence perpetrated by the pirate attackers. This is executed and documented with diligent evidence handling, as a part of protection services. All actions by the security team are taken with the full intention to protect life, property, and the client’s professional reputation.
  • LG Mar2 – Armed security details for crew members going ashore. The risk of crew members being kidnapped for later remote manipulation of ship operation is rising. Teams will employ counter-surveillance operations while in ports. We watch who’s watching us. Much goes on in security operations that has nothing to do with “gun play,” where preparedness and diligence win the game.


Lion’s Gate LS keeps all operations and information provided by the client strictly confidential. All services are tailored and agreed upon prior to deployment.

shipboard-4Most deployments require the security teams to board vessels well outside of high risk waters and travel for a number of days before the full security service is needed. The team dedicates itself to becoming familiar with ship characteristics and coordinating incident planning with the ship’s captain and chief engineer. Piracy costs the industry billions of dollars annually, hundreds of merchant mariners lives have been lost and Lion’s Gate LS provides the most professional security solution available. We have studied the problem since 2005 and are experts on the issues of threat and liability concerning merchant vessel security.

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