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Our Experience

Professional capability, continual training, and operational experience play a major role in saving lives. Our CPS (Close Protection Specialist) agents are not only graduates of internationally respected executive protection training programs, but some are former federal agents and local law enforcement officers with vast experience in criminal law, evidence handling, and investigations. Others are  former U.S. and foreign special operations members. The common factor between them all is the executive protection training.  Impressive resumes are not enough. While law enforcement personnel are trained to respond after crimes are committed, military personnel are primarily trained for combat. Security is commonly referred to as the fifth profession.

Professional security consultants require the skills and ability to mitigate threats before they happen. Hoping things work out is not a valid plan for anything. Our consultants are innate security problem solvers. Our attention to detail and focus are applied to the advance work, which demands vigilance, awareness and preparedness, in order to mitigate what is possible, not what is simply probable.  We provide security, with extreme diligence, through services that accommodate the client’s life style. We pride ourselves on protecting our client’s lives, assets and reputation, as quiet professionals.

We have served wealth management firms, private schools, law firms, corporations, executives and their families. We have developed programs that serve to solve serious problems for clients. These programs have yielded exceptional results. Examples of these programs are our Campus Security/ Active Shooter Mitigation Program, Workplace Violence Program and our Anti Bullying Program for Jr High and High Schools.  Our primary scope of service and capabilities are:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Threat Management
  • Executive Protection
  • Traveling Risk Mitigation
  • Private Secure Couriers
  • Private School Campus Security
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • Mitigating Stalker Cases
  • Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance
  • Child Protective Services
  • Estate Security
  • Asset Transportation
  • Shipboard Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Special Event Security

“Lion’s Gate LS is amazing – they go above and beyond in providing superior consultation and security services. It’s important in my position to ensure that things are handled, and with Lion’s Gate LS I know it is. Thank you for making my job easier – you are life savers.”

Manager of On-Site Event
Ocean Institute

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